We specialize in component level logic board repair for the MacbookMacbook Pro, Macbook Air and Intel iMac.
Damaged hard disk? Data loss can be a disaster. CRS will get your data back!
Liquid spills on your Macbook aren't always the end - bring it to CRS fast and we might save it!

Liquid Spills on your Laptop

Knocked over a glass of water or a cup of coffee that spilled on your laptop? Don’t panic! Fast action can sometimes prevent serious damage.

Turn off the juice
First, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER!! Don’t bother saving your files – hopefully autosave will take care of that – and don’t attempt to turn it on again.  Disconnect all sources of power. If your laptop has a removable battery (many newer Macbooks and Macbook Pros have internal batteries that can’t be removed) remove it immediately. Disconnect any external devices, such as external drives, external displays or a wired mouse.
Dry the laptop
Use a clean, dry cotton towel or paper towels to remove all surface moisture. You can use a q-tip to get moisture out of the cracks between the keys. If the spill was directly on the keyboard, you can turn the open laptop upside-down on top of a towel to let gravity do its work.
Bring your laptop to Computer Repair Systems
We will disassemble your laptop, dry out the insides thoroughly and inspect every millimeter for signs of corrosion or other damage, then clean up what we can.  We will need to keep your computer several days, to ensure all the liquid is evaporated. We turn on the computer to test it only when we are sure there is no more moisture.