We specialize in component level logic board repair for the MacbookMacbook Pro, Macbook Air and Intel iMac.
Damaged hard disk? Data loss can be a disaster. CRS will get your data back!
Liquid spills on your Macbook aren't always the end - bring it to CRS fast and we might save it!

Free Repair Estimate

We can give you an idea of what’s wrong with your computer while you wait.

You’re here because you need fast service. If you had five days for someone to guess what is wrong with your computer, you’d fix it yourself. We get that. That’s why we offer while you wait estimates(for most things besides liquid damage.)

This means we’ll tell you what is most likely wrong with your laptop before you leave.

Now, before you get too excited..

This is not possible in every case. Some machines throw us for a loop, and in some situations there could be a vast variety of problems. If your device went swimming, you most likely will have to leave it for a few hours to a day – it’s not always possible to give you a precise repair price while you wait.

We provide fast service. Our shop isn’t run on the idea that your machine gets tossed into a queue and looked at when we feel like it. When we get work, we get to it right away.